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Sentiment was designed to allow businesses to interact with social media efficiently and safely. See how it works now.
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Management and C-level can be nervous about the risk of sparking social media crisis through employee interactions on social media. Sentiment's command and control layer is here to protect you, by allowing system controls to be added to match your internal processes.

Top Features

  • Security lock down Access can be restricted to just your office(s)
  • Functionality roles All areas of the system can be locked down to different roles , each role can have over 400 different options)
  • Social profile passwords Sentiment and your employees never see your passwords
  • Full audit history every action or interaction by your employees is logged and can be reported on
  • Approval workflow Any response or post can be sent for approval before going live
  • Supervisor dashboard All interactions and volumes can be viewed in realtime to spot potential issues before they become one!

Other features

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